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12th Annual Cambodia STEM Festival

One of the most distinguished and significant annual events hosted by Zaman is STEM which stands for Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics. Stem is an exclusive fair where an abundance of students can display and explain about their unique projects. From the 7th till 8th of May, it was held at the enormous building A & B, which is located at Koh Pich. Hundreds of visitors from all around the city showed up in order to explore the spectacular world of science. Every project incredibly shone in their own way as they introduced valuable knowledge, exhibited interesting features and realistic experiments. Furthermore, some projects are not just for show, they also provided the viewers an opportunity to personally participate and experience the experiments. For instance, the most captivating project which was the hover-chair allowed people to sit and enjoy riding it in midair. Moreover, the atmosphere at STEM was never dull as there were always exhilarating activities and entertainments such as singing and dancing to lighten the mood. In the end, the fair succeeded with flying colors as everyone’s face including the students was filled joy and pleasure, especially after witnessing a magnificent flash mob performed by none other than the 11 graders of Zaman.

Name: Sahasvichani Chou

Class : 11-E


Leaning towards the end of last school year, the 12th annual Cambodia STEM Festival was slowly approaching. This was going to be my very first-hand experience at STEM. Naturally, everyone was working hard a sweat on their projects to be displayed during the festival. I also had a project which was physics-related. People were rushing to get their project finished on time. You could really feel the adrenaline rush that day, we all successfully finished it on time. At last, the much-awaited day arrived.

I was the first to stay at our table, but that wasn’t boring. Many people came by and asked questions, as I answered them and demonstrated with the models. When they were being showed the demonstration there face was lit up with excitement, which brought me joy to see other people enjoying what I’ve put much effort in. My shift was over and I finally got to move around. My whole body was filed with excitement, it could barely be contained. There were so many projects and so many cool things to see. It’s always fun to see and learn something new. All in all, I’d say it was a fascinating experience for me, and I’m sure for many other people as well. I’m looking forward to next year’s festival.

Name: Borey Sok

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