Wednesday, 14 December 2016 10:18

Genius Olympiad

Genius Olympiad is an international event that is filled with great opportunities and I should know, because I was one of the lucky contestants who had the chance to join.
In this competition there are various people that you will meet from countless of countries such as America, Cameron, Brazil, Romania, Turkey, etc. I actually met a few people from lots of various countries. They were friendly people and explained to me of their culture, which gave me a brighter view. Also, we exchanged social contacts and kept in touch when we could. Additionally, there are social events in between the competition like the Ice Breaker and International Cultural Fair. The ice Breaker consists of games that you will play with random people that you don’t know, build teamwork and have fun along the way. Moreover, International Fair was a small get-together where all the competitors and supervisors  join to exchange country information, souvenirs and cultural knowledge.
Furthermore, having an Olympiad on your resume for university will score you a lot of bonus points and make you out shine other applicants.

Additionally, this competition will give you an insight of what university life feels like. Due to the event being arranged and held in Oswego University, it gives you a view of what the campus is and how the professors help students to achieve academic success.
All in all, GENIUS Olympiad is a wonderful competition
that will benefit you academically and socially too, so why wait?!

Name: Mei Lan Loh

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