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On 12-18 June 2016, me and our Zaman International School students, Somavattey Im, Anna Te, Sithiktiya Chey had an opportunity to join 5th ASEAN Plus Three Junior Science Odyssey (APTJSO) Science Olympiad which was held in the Philippines.As Cambodian group, we received 1 Silver and 3 Bronze Medals in Biology Laboratory Skills Category.

APT JSO is an annual competition organized since 2012 to develop gifted and talented students aged between 13 to 15 years in science and technology fields and to nurture future scientists and engineers. It is participated in by the ASEAN member states, and China, Chinese Taipei, South Korea, and Sweden. This year over 85 participants from 13 countries attended the event.

The event was composed of a poster exhibition,
a laboratory skills competition, field exposures and project pitching. The theme of 5th APT JSO Olympiad was “Climate Change and the Rainforest”. As participants, we experienced the real challenges that confront the rainforest as an ecosystem, as it plays a critical role in climate change mitigation and

In addition, we experienced various activities that exposed the Filipino and other participating countries’ cultures. We had a ‘’cultural Night’’, which was one of the great parts of the event, where our students performed Khmer traditional dance in Khmer traditional clothes. It was a mind-opening experience, not only because we had a chance to experience the Olympiad but also it was an international event that brought together representatives from all around the world for a common purpose and showed how interconnected our world is today.

Jennet Setdarova
ICT teacher

Over the summer of the previous academic year, I, along with two of my friends were invited to join a science competition in the Philippines. On June 11th, we went together as a team with our supervisor, T.Jennet, to join the 5th Asean Plus Three Junior Science Odyssey.

When we arrived at the airport, we felt cheerfully excited, yet very nervous since it was our first time to ever get a chance to learn and experience such a competition. However, we did try our best and worked so hard for the entire week in the Philippines.

On the very first day, we went for an orientation given by the directors and professors in UPLB. We also had our poster presented on that day with the theme, “Climate Change and the Rainforest”. On the second day, we went on a tour to the Makiling Botanic Garden for tree planting and field exposure. The next day was interesting yet tiring day for us. We were assigned to do 3 laboratory skills assessments on 3 different subjects which are biology, physics, and chemistry. On our fourth day, we did a project pitching by mixed group and dance for the cultural night. The next day, we were so relieved that we finished all the assessments and presentations of the program. We got to tour around many places including the mall.We’ve realized that all the hard work and everything we put in over the last few months paid off.

Though it was an academic competition, it also gave us the opportunity to strengthen the relationship among ASEAN members and foster friendship and networking with all the participating teams from different nations and cultures. It was such a wonderful journey for us. We did many activities we had never done and went to places we had never visited before.

Name: Sithiktiya Chey

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